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Calumet High School Learning Plan

The purpose of this document is to outline the learning plan for Calumet High School students. Though school is not in session traditionally, it is the goal of Calumet Public Schools for all of our students to have educational opportunities that allow for academic skills to be maintained, or even advanced.

Online resources, books, packets, and laptops are just a few of the educational opportunities being made available to our students. While a specific time commitment is not required, we hope that you will take a look at what is offered and will consider committing some part of your child’s day, where possible, for these educational activities. We aim to create an effective independent learning plan for our students to sustain/advance their current level of learning. We are confident that with your partnership during this unprecedented time, Calumet High School students will continue to thrive.

We will be utilizing our Learning Management System called Schoology to deliver online content to your student(s). If you would like parent access to Schoology, please contact the high school office at 337-0311. If you do not have good internet access and would prefer a paper version of the activities, please contact the high school office.


Special Education

The regular education learning plan for students will be found in Schoology for each class. Your child’s special education teacher has reviewed these learning plans. If accommodations and modifications are necessary for your child to access learning during this time, you will receive an email with accommodations and modifications for your child. If you find your child is experiencing difficulty with the learning plan, please email your child’s special education teacher.


***** NO grades will be entered into Skyward at this time, unless it is make-up work or college credit assignments*****

Early College

Early College Classes are continuing online per Gogebic Community College. All students in GCC Early College classes that meet at Calumet High School should be accessing course content using Schoology. Grades will be issued for these courses. They are set to be completed the week of May 4th. If your student is in a college class they have to do the assigned work or risk failure. Any student that fails a college course is expected to reimburse the school for the tuition for that course.



Your student should have a laptop to use as all students had a laptop issued to them at the start of the school year. If your child’s laptop is at school, please contact the office to make arrangements to pick it up.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide for any type of repair of laptops during the mandatory school closings. If you are experiencing technical issues like not being able to get on the internet, please contact the REMC1 help desk at 487-7624.



Schoology - Calumet High School students will access online learning resources using Schoology. Students are asked to log in and access each of their classes. If your student does not know how to log in to Schoology or does not have access to the necessary technology, please contact the high school office at 337-0311 ext. 2203.

All other course-specific resources will be linked within students’ Schoology courses.