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Horizons Alternative High School Learning Plan

Explanation: The purpose of this document is to outline the learning plan for Horizons Alternative High School students. Though school is not in session traditionally, it is the goal of Calumet Public Schools for all of our students to have educational opportunities that allow for academic skills to be maintained, or even advanced.

Online resources, books, packets, and laptops are just a few of the educational opportunities being made available to our students. While a specific time commitment is not required, we hope that you will take a look at what is offered and will consider committing some part of your child’s day, where possible, for these educational activities. We aim to create an effective independent learning plan for our students to sustain/advance their current level of learning. We are confident that with your partnership during this unprecedented time, Horizons Alternative High School students will continue to thrive.

We will be utilizing our Learning Management System called Google Classroom to deliver online content to your student(s). Starting Monday all classes will be available on-line. Teachers are working very hard to make sure you have access to all materials that are needed to complete classes. Students will be able to complete marking period 3 and/or start working on marking period 4 starting March 29, 2020. Students will be able to access teachers via email as well as Mr. Asiala, Tom Blessing, and Linda Tervo. Feel free to email any one of us with questions. If you do not have good internet access and would prefer a paper version of the activities, please contact Joel Asiala at or at 906-369-4407.

Special Education: The regular education learning plan for students will be found in Google Classroom for each class. Your child’s special education teacher has reviewed these learning plans. If accommodations and modifications are necessary for your child to access learning during this time, you will receive an email with accommodations and modifications for your child. If you find your child is experiencing difficulty with the learning plan, please email your child’s special education teacher.



In order to get credit for a class:

1. Turn in all required work for that class with at least 70% or better on each assignment.

a. You will have the opportunity to redo work if it is not at a 70% or better. 

2. All course work must be completed.  This means you will not get credit for a course if everything is not turned in

3. Once all work is turned in you will receive a passing grade and receive credit for that class

4. This is an opportunity to continue to receive credit for classes and continue to receive a meaningful educational experience.  You will not receive a fail if your work is not completed but you will not receive the credit for the class unless it is completed. 


1. All of your courses will continue to be accessible on Google Classroom.  Each teacher will continue to put up learning materials as the weeks progress.

  • Keith Johnson’s Classes:

    • Alg II CD: jr3neg

    • Alg I: wkh06r0

    • Alg II AB: 6okc6w9

  • Troy Jarv’s Classes:

    • 1st Hour World History: nl90p85

    • 2nd Hour Economics: kloseik

    • 3rd Hour Economics: 76vx3hv

    • 5th Hour U.S. History: vvdtwg

    • 6th Hour World History: rfvcea

  • Luke Theisen’s Classes:

    • Literature: sq5ddgf

    • Writing Basics: oouv13g

    • Project Based Writing: ru87kz

    • Senior Choices Mentor Group: l9z68n

  • Meg North’s Classes:

    • Geometry: 7iiyecs

    • Biology: 5r5eisd

    • Physics: qwe7vdr

2. For classroom questions please contact your classroom teacher

Senior Projects:

1. Please email your advisor for more details on your senior projects.  Most of you have put in countless hours towards these projects and we want to make sure you receive the credit you deserve for your hard work.  Your Advisors will guide you through this process. 

  • For those of you that have not completed your job shadow, we will have an alternative solution for you.

Scholarship Applications

  • The PHF Scholarship applications are due and need to be postmarked by April 17th

    • Your advisors will be able to help you complete these and turn them in by this date.  Please email them

  • The Horton scholarship will be posted at a later date.  Please continue to communicate with your advisors.



 If you have not received your computer as of yet you will need to contact Mr. Asiala at to make an arrangement.

Internet Options

If you do not have internet please contact Mr. Asiala

OdysseyWare questions and classes

Please contact Tom Blessing.  He will guide you through what needs to be done

Tom Blessing:

Personal Finance Class

If you were enrolled in Mr. Johnson's Personal Finance class this class will need to be changed over to an OW class.  Please contact Linda Tervo to make the switch