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Washington Middle School Learning Plan

As we navigate through these tough times, Washington Middle School has developed an educational plan to provide learning opportunities for your child. This plan will allow for academic skills to be maintained during these trying times. We will provide online resources through Schoology (WMS online learning management system), which your child is familiar with, or if necessary we can provide traditional paper packets that will be delivered to you each Friday. We prefer only to do this if you do NOT have a computer or internet. Please contact the WMS office if this is needed; otherwise all learning will be online.

While a specific time commitment is not mandatory, we hope that you will use these online materials and commit some part of your child’s day to complete these educational activities. We hope to create an effective independent learning plan for our students to sustain/advance their current level of learning. No students will be graded at this time on their work and if your child has an IEP the Special education teacher will be in contact with you via email or phone. We are confident that with your partnership during this time, Washington Middle School students will continue to succeed.
Please make sure your child contacts their teachers via Schoology by Wednesday, April 1 by noon. Online information as well as paper packets of information - if needed - will arrive this Friday, April 3rd. This paper packet will only arrive if you request it from the office.



Chromebooks are currently being checked out to families that do not have any computing devices at home in an effort to reduce the need for learning packets and provide access to the best method of learning in these circumstances. The next phase of Chromebook checkout will prioritize families with limited computing devices.

Links to Resources

Getting Started with A School-Issued Chromebook

Schoology - Washington Middle School students will access online learning resources using Schoology. Students are asked to log in and access each of their classes. If your student does not know how to log in to Schoology or does not have access to the necessary technology, please contact the middle school office at 337-0311 ext. 3112.

Schoology Student Resources

Schoology Student Q & A Forum

IXL -- Some WMS classes use IXL for skill development. If your child is expected to use IXL and does not know how to login, please contact your child's teacher.

All other course-specific resources will be linked within students’ Schoology courses.