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Washington Middle School Learning Plan Term 4, April 6th - June 10th

This learning plan covers all Term 4 courses from April 6th to the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

The purpose of this document is to outline the learning plan developed by WMS staff for our students. Although school is not in regular in-house sessions, we will be providing students educational opportunities that allow students to receive the academic skills required per grade level.

Online resources, books, textbooks and packets are made available for students to learn. We are doing our best to accommodate all students and families by individualizing their education. With a partnership with parents, we feel that we will be able to achieve this goal during this unprecedented time. Washington Middle School is committed to students and will continue to teach and support all students.

The learning management system that we are using is Schoology. As a parent if you do not have access to this please contact the Washington Middle School office, although you will also be able to check your child’s Schoology account too, to see how they are doing. Keep in mind we are grading with a Pass/Incomplete format. All grades for assignments and tests will still be recorded and accessible using your Family Access account.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email myself @, or if you need to contact a teacher please feel free to contact them via email.


Fourth Quarter Grading

All work is required to be submitted via Schoology, or if you are a packet pick-up student your work needs to be completed and returned to the library return box by the school library. Work must be at a 60% or higher to be considered passing. If not the work will be graded as incomplete. Students will have time to make up or redo work that has not met those standards.


Special Education

Special education students will be provided accommodations as to the best of our abilities. Each student will have a contingency plan developed during this time of not meeting in school. Each case manager will be in constant contact with student/parent and in cooperation with the team of teachers will provide accommodations to the best of our ability. Work will either be done with Schoology, or packet. IEP’s and 504’s will be done remotely if possible.



Chromebooks are currently being checked out to families that do not have any computing devices at home in an effort to reduce the need for learning packets and provide access to the best method of learning in these circumstances. Please contact the middle school office if you missed the Chromebook checkout opportunity.

Links to Resources

Getting Started with A School-Issued Chromebook

Schoology - Washington Middle School students will access online learning resources using Schoology. Students are asked to log in and access each of their classes. If your student does not know how to log in to Schoology or does not have access to the necessary technology, please contact the middle school office at 337-0311 ext. 3112.
Schoology Student Resources
Schoology Student Q & A Forum

IXL - Some WMS classes use IXL for skill development. If your child is expected to use IXL and does not know how to login, please contact your child’s teacher.

All other course-specific resources will be linked within students’ Schoology courses.