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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Fortnite Players, Esports will be playing in a one-day Fortnite duos tournament on Saturday at 10 am. If you'd like to play, find a partner and talk to Mr. Goke by the end of the day Thursday.

Congratulations to the following football players on receiving All-U.P. Football Awards:
Dryden Nelson Dream Team offense
Lenny Bjorn Dream Team defense
Alan Bjorn Dream Team defense
Tom Erkkila Special Mentions Special Team - Kicker
Cliff Jurmu Honorable Mention offense

Students who need to take driver’s ed segment 2 stop by the upstairs office to pick up a contract. To enroll in the class you need to have a signed copy of your driving log showing 30 hours of drive time, show proof you have had your permit for 90 days and fill out the contract. We will have three different classes, one in December another in February and the third in March. Older students will have priority placement in the first class.

If you are interested in participating in planning and putting on prom, get involved in the prom committee! Sayklly's candy sales are a major fundraiser for prom, and are on now! Sales sheets are available to pick up from the Tutoring Center.

Happy Birthday to Keith and Mickey Mouse - who’s official birthday was declared on this day in 1928 making our favorite cartoon mouse 93 years old!

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